Create & Inspire with Two Little Ducklings

Create & Inspire with Two Little Ducklings

Meet Jacinta - she is the brains and artist behind boutique stationary brand, Two Little Ducklings.


Born in 2012 after the birth of Jacinta's first child, Two Little Ducklings offers parents and children with a range of brightly illustrated educational flash cards, greeting cards and memory packs, all of which are designed and made right here in Australia. So, given that it's Australia Made Week, what better way to celebrate than learning more about this talented graphic designer. 


How did you come up with the flash card concept?

When my eldest daughter was born she was given a lot of educational books, and they were all very Americanised, with things such as 'A is for Alligator'. They were also not very nice to look at, so being a designer I thought I would design my own. I didn’t have any real idea in selling them, I started with posters and in the good old days of when Instagram was first starting, they were noticed and they were popular so I turned them into flash cards as well.


Some people might not know that you have designed artworks for other brands - can you name some?

I LOVE collaborating with other brands, I’ve been lucky enough to help with a number of popular Australian brands, including:

  • Designing some of the Make Me Iconic 'loose change' products
  • Prints for Acorn hats
  • Illustrations and design for Seasons of Mama
  • Frankie Gusti candle label and packaging designs
  • My feeling and emotion characters have also been used on a Jellystone Designs product which was super cool!


Your cards are printed locally - how important was it to you for your products to be Australian made?

I really love being able to keep my products made in Australia, I’m very proud of being Australian and feel very fortunate to live in this beautiful country, my grandparents chose this country for our family and I would prefer to support local where I can.


How hands on are you with 2LD? 

My hands touch every aspect of my business, we are only small, I personally design and illustrate every product and I make all of the boxes and pack each and every deck! I also pack every order! 


What legacy do you want 2LD to leave?

I just want people who buy my products to love them and want to keep them on their shelves and when they are done to pass them onto a friend!


What's your favourite 2LD product?

This is such a hard one for me, it’s like choosing a favourite child, I just don’t think I can do it! BUT one aspect of some my packs that I love is the packs where the cards line up and make a puzzle, a just think that is super fun!


What is your proudest achievement so far?  

Many years ago when I was pregnant with my first child I had the opportunity to design two Australia post stamps, that has definitely been a career highlight! 


The best gift you have ever received and why?

Can you go past those special cards your kids give you on Mother’s Day??? I just find them so super sweet and heartwarming!


Are you a planner or panic gift buyer?

I absolutely love buying gifts for people, I’m definitely a planner!


Which Aussie made kid's brands do you love?

I love the No Nasties makeup range for kids! Super cute and well loved by my daughter!


Any sneaky hints on what's next for 2LD?

Oh gosh I have a couple of ideas rolling around in my head, but I would love some suggestions for packs so if your followers have any ideas, shout them out!  


With designs suitable for ages newborn and up, Two Little Ducklings flash cards are exceptional quality, and will sure to be loved by children of all ages.


Discover the range here.

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